Thursday, November 15, 2007

!وكيفَ جاورتُ القمرَ

..ولا أزالُ أجهلُ
حـبُكَ كيفَ أتى
..وكيفَ تغيرَ في يومٍ لونُ السماءِ
وكيفَ أصبحتِ الطيورُ الصامتةِ
..لا تكفُ عنِ الغناءِ
وكيفَ أصبحتِ الليالي المظلمةُ
..تشعُ بالنورِ والضياءِ

..ولا أزالُ أجهلُ كيفَ أتى
وكيفَ أهدتني السماءَ
..كلَ ما عندها منْ مطر

..ولا أزالُ أجهلُ كيفَ أتى
ولكني فقطْ أذكرُ أنني عندما صافحتُه
طارتْ بي احلامِي
..وأصبحتُ أجاورُ القمر

I still don't know..
How your love came,
And how the colour of the sky once changed..
How the silent birds,
Never stopped to sing..
How the dark nights,
Glowed with glitter and light..

And I still don't know how it came..
And how the sky gave me,
All of its rain..

And I still don't know how it came..
But I only remember that
when I shook his hand,
My dreams left me up
and I neighboured the moon above..

Looking forward for your comments :)


eman.z said...

wow this is a lovely poem i liked it very much and good translation but there r some points:
the word (glew) the past of glow is glowed not glew.
and for this part, it is better to say:
my dreams left me up near to the moon above :)
and the rest is good to me, i dunno wat other girls think
i really liked it, i will save it in my computer, and i will translate it soon

Darene said...

God :D I must have mistaken it with the verb grow :D

Thank you Eman :)

As for the last part, ummm both are correct but I tend to be more precise, I prefer to use the word "neighboured" as an equivalent to the word (جاورت) in the source text. Also,structure wise I liked to keep it that way,
near the moon is not wrong, but it's just a matter of taste.

Waiting to read your tanslation, Emmu :)

eman.z said...

i still don't know how
how your love came
how the color of the sky once changed
how the silent birds,
were unable to stop singing
how the dark nights,
shined with light and glitter

i still don't know how it came
how the sky gave me
all the rain it contains

i still don't know how it came
but i only remember when
we shook hands
my dreams took me up
near the moon above

:) it is not that difficult, u know once i started to translate here especially poems, am getting used to it, and every time i improve, when i c some of my translations now, i say to myself no we can put this word better than this,am even correcting myself :)

Darene said...

you're right Eman,
Practice makes perfect !

and by the way the past of shine is shone :D but shined is also used :P

And we agree on the translation :)

Michele Judy Zackey said...

How lovely I have been searching for a poem to read to my future husband at our wedding and I love it!!!
I will have a go with the translation with a friend of mine as well