Wednesday, December 5, 2007


في أعماقِي موسيقى خفيةٌ
ِأخشَى عليهَا
..منَ العزفِ المنفرد

By Mahmmod Darweesh

Deep inside me,
there lies a hidden symphony,
I fear for it from solo playing..

To me, it strokes the right cord, lol :D any comments?


Chris Gratien said...

i like your blog! i added it to my links on my blog. i see that you are from saudi. if you would like to translate any Arabic music, especailly the khaliji dialect, anytime let me know and you can be an author for my blog

Darene said...

That would be interesting !
just bring me the lyrics and I will :)

thank you for adding my blog :)

Emano.z said...

heeey wow dr. inaam asked m,e about this today :)
marrra niiicce

SwaRwaR said...

nice :)
darene can u plz check my blog out i've just translated a lyrics and am in level 5. just want u 2 laugh and comment :PpP My translation is soo funny :S *winks*

Darene said...

Emo, yes dear
see you in class soon :)

swarwar, it was good.
stop being humble :D