Thursday, November 15, 2007

..قصةٌ أخرى

دفنَ المهرجُ ابنَه الوحيد ثمَّ صعدَ إلى المسرحِ .. ضَحِكَ الجمهورُ .. نفضَ المهرجُ يديهِ منَ الترابِ .. ضحكَ الجمهورُ أكثر .. انفجرَ المهرجُ باكيًا.. تعالَت الضحكاتُ في كلِ مكانٍ .. سقطَ المهرجُ ميتًا على المسرحِ .. وقفَ الجمهورُ يصفقُ بحرارةٍ..ـ

The clown buried his only son and went on the stage, the audience laughed,
The clown dusted his hands off, the audience laughed even more,
The clown bursted into tears, laughters were louder and everywhere,
The clown fell dead on the stage, the audience stood clapping warmly..
Waiting for your participation :)


Emano.z said...

funnny lol
i think u missed (صعد على المسرح)
the rest is good to me

here is my translation
the clown buried his only son, then went on stage...the audience laughed....the clown dusted the sand off his hand... the audience laughed loudly.....the clown bursted into tears....... laughers became louder and everywhere...the clown fell dead on the stage.... the audience stood and clapped in enthusiasm.
what do u think?

Darene said...

yeah I realised that I missed that part after I had posted it, too bad we can't edit our comments :D

To me, it's goood
but 'laugher(s)' means the one who laughs alot
I think you meant laughters

the rest is fine,
Thank you Emmu :)

Emano.z said...

yea i meant laughters, i forgot the t cuz i told u i posted my comment then i realized that it was deleted, so i had to write it again :) and i missed the t
i hope other girls participate i dont c them commenting or participating come on we need girls to comment and discuss with .............

Darene said...

Maybe their bust with exams,
but it's a good practice for the midterm on Tuesday.