Thursday, November 15, 2007

صباحيَ الجريحُ

خرجتُ من بيتي ذاكَ الصباحِ وأنا أحملُ سعادةَ الكونِ في قلبي إلى أنْ ركبتُ الحافلةَ .. جلسَ بجواري رجلٌ أخذَ يدخنُ بشراهةٍ .. صفعني على وجهي بدخانِه .. بصقَ في الأرضِ .. أخذَ يشتمُ الدنيا وسكانَها .. غادرَ الحافلةَ بعد أن لكزني في كتفِي ..بقيتُ مكاني أحاولُ إحياءَ صباحيَ الجريحِ..ـ
One morning, I went out carrying all the happiness in the world in my heart until I got on the bus, a man who sat next to me started to heavily somke. He slapped me with his smoke, spitted on the ground, started cursing the world and its inhabitants and left the bus after nudging my shoulder. I remained there trying to revive my wounded morning..
Waiting for your comments :) and please I want to see other versions of translation. It's a good practice for our midterm on Tuesday:)


Emano.z said...

good job darene, here is mine
one morning, i went out with all the happiness of the universe in my heart, i got on to the bus, a man sat beside me and was smoking a lot, he slapped my face with the smoke of his cigarettes, spitted on the ground,started to throw bad words to the world and its residents, and went out of the bus after nudging me on my shoulder, i just stayed at my place trying to revive my wounded morning.

Darene said...

Good Eman,
but I'd go for habitants rather than residents.
the rest is almost the same.

Happy to read your name here :)