Thursday, November 15, 2007

همسةُ أملٍ

أنْ نمدَ ساعدًا من تحتِ أنقاضِ الألمِ..
لنبنيَ صرحًا جديدًا

أنْ نرسلَ شعاعَ الأملِ من وراءِ حجبِ الحزنِ المتراكمةِ
لنضيءَ طريقَ الغدِ

أن نسموَ بقلوبنا فوقَ شواهقِ الجراحِِ
وندخلَ مدنَ المجهولِ باحثينَ عن الرجاءِ

أنَ نَقِّلبَ من أيامنا صفحاتِ ماضٍ أليمٍ
ونجعلَ من أحلامنا، كلماتٍ تنهمرَ فوقَ صفحاتِ الغدِ

تلكَ هي عزةَ الإنسان..

A Hope Whisper

Reaching a hand beneath the ruins of pain,
To build a new high building,

Sending a beam of hope beyond the piled up clouds of grief,
To elluminate tomorrow's path,

Rising with our hearts above the highest wounds,
And entering the cities of nowhere seeking a hope,

Turning the pages of a painful past from our days,
And making words out of our dreams to pour on tomorrow's pages,

Is the dignity of human.

Looking forward for your translation, comments and critique. :)


Emano.z said...

good job darene :)
but there is a spelling mistake here
elluminate= illuminate
and i think if u said turning the pages of the painful past of our days(the instead of a)and ( place from with of)
this is what i think is better what do u think?

Darene said...

Oh yeah, I always mistake this word with "eliminate" spelling wise. Thanks for correcting
so, illuminate, illuminate, illuminate :D not to be repeated again :D

As for "the" instead of "a", I think both are grammatically right, but there's a slight difference in the meaning each one conveys. So reason why I chose to use "a" is because it was indefinite in the source text, it says (ماضٍِ أليمٍ), I found no harm in using the same article,

so, do you agree? :D

I appreciate it,
Thanks for commenting my dear friend :)

Emano.z said...

i will give it a try
this is my translation
Hope of Whisper
Reaching our arms from underneath the ruins of pain, to build a new edifice.
sending a beam of hope from behind the cumulative clouds of sadness to illuminate tomorrow's path.
raising our hearts above the highest wounds, and entering unknown cities seeking for hope.
turning pages of our painful past days, and making words out of our dreams, to pour on tomorrow's pages.
this is what they call dignity.

Darene said...

so we agree on the overall translation with little differences
Good job,
But Eman we can't say " seeking for hope" either seeking hope or looking for hope. :)

Thanks for participating my dear :)