Thursday, November 15, 2007

..مَنْ يُحِب

..مَنْ يُحب
،لا يحتاجُ تزهيرَ الأوراقِ، كي يُعلنَ الربيع
،لأنَّ الأغصانَ عندَهُ
..تُزهرُ في عيونِ منْ يُحب

..ومَنْ لا يُحب
،يَقضي عمرَهُ منتظرًا على بابِ السنينِ
،حتى تحملَه غفوةُ النومِ إلى الأعالي
..حيثُ لا فرقَ بينَ الفصولِ

The ones who love,
Don't have to wait for the flowers to bloom,
so they declare springtime,
Because, to them, flowers bloom
in the eyes of the ones they love..

And those who don't love,
Spend their lifetimes waiting at the doorstep of years,
Until they are carried by the nap of dormancy to the heights,
Where there's no difference between the seasons..

What do you think? Can you come with a better translation? Please I want you all to participate. :)


Emano.z said...

the ones who love
don't need to wait for the flowers to bloom,so they announce springtime
because flowers, to them
blooms in the eyes of their lovers

the ones who don't love
spend their life waiting for years
until they are carried by their naps to the heights
where there is no difference between the seasons...
what do u think darene? :)

Darene said...

-flowers, to them, blooms X
I'm sure it's a typo, cuz it happened to me before,lol we're too good for such mistakes :D

- the eyes of their lovers

I think 'lovers' conveys the idea of two people loving each other, but in the source text, it was (من يحب) that doesn't necessarily mean a mutual feeling, so I prefer using ( the ones they love) to be precise,
Do you agree?

so they announce springtime

"announce", I don't know, I just failed to know which word is best suited for that context. I wish Dr. Inaam helps us with this.

the second part goes smoothly while reading, better than mine,

Thanks Eman,

Emano.z said...

ur welcome
i understood from the poems that it is talkin about the ones who r in love and the ones who r not, i dunno thats y i put lovers
i dunno if it meant loving ppl in general
yea and for announce am not sure if it fits also, but the words blare means announcin something in a loud voice
i hope we can get the correct word for يعلن
thnnxx even ur translation is good darene :)

Darene said...

Yeah that's why I chose blare,

and it's not about loving people in general, it's about lovers :D sometimes it's a love from one side, that's my point.

Happy to see your comment again Emmu :)