Thursday, November 22, 2007

..وقصةٌ أخرى

ًصافحَهُ الوزيرُ وهو يقدمُ له شهادةَ تقديرٍ ودرعًا تذكاريًا وقالَ له : أتمنى لكَ حياةً جديدةً مفعمة بالنجاحِ ..خرجَ الرجلُ من الحفلِ ليبيعَ الدرعَ في سوقِ الخردةِ ويشتريَ بثمنِه عشاءً لأطفالِه..ـ

The minister shook hands with him, giving him a certificate of appreciation and a memorial shield and saying: I wish you a new life full of success… The man left the ceremony to sell the shield at the flea market and buy bread for his children…

Can you come with better than this? I think it still needs some modification.

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