Thursday, November 22, 2007


أحنُ إلى خبزِ أُمي
وقهوةِ أُمي
..ولمسةِ أُمي
وتكبرُ فيَّ الطفولةَ
يومًا على صدرِ يومٍ
وأعشقُ عمريّ
لأني إذا متُّ
..أخجلُ منْ دمعِ أُمي

إذا عدتُ يومًا
وشاحًا لهدبِك
وغطِي عظامي بعشبٍ
تعمّدَ منْ طُهرِ كعبِك
وشُدي وثاقِي
بخصلةِ شعرٍ
..بخيطٍ يلوحُ في ذيلِ ثوبِك

عسانِي أصيرُ إلهًا
إلهًا أصيرُ
..إذا ما لمستُ قرارة َقلبِك

إذا ما رجعتُ
وقودًا بتنورِ نارِك
وحبلَ غسيلٍ على سطحِ دارِك
لأني فقدتُ الوقوفَ
..بدونِ صلاةِ نهارِك

فرُدّي نجومَ الطفولةِ
حتى أشاركُ صغارَ العصافيرِ
دربَ الرجوعِ
..لعشِ انتظارِك

I hunger for my mother's bread,
my mother's coffee,
and my mother's touch..
Childhood grows within me
Day after day,
and I adore my life
because if I die,
I'd be ashamed of the tears
from my mother's eyes..

Take me,
If I ever come back..

As a scarf for your eyelashes
and wrap my bones with grass,
that was baptized in the purity of your heel bone,
And bind me with a lock of your hair,
with a thread that trails,
from the train of your gown..

Perhaps, I'd become a saint,
A saint I'd become,
If I touched the depth of your heart..

Put me,
If I ever return..
as firewood in your kiln,

as a clothesline on your rooftop,
For I have lost standing,
without your day prayer..

I have grown old,
So bring back the stars of childhood,

So that I share the way home,
With the young birds

to the nest of your waiting..

I hope you like my translation. I tried to avoid saying (I'd became a god) as the song literally said, and tried to give the meaning only without being literal. Thanks for Ghada AlGraawi for picking this lovely poem.

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