Wednesday, December 5, 2007

..إشراقُ وجهِك

صبحتُه عندَ المساءِ فقالَ لي
تهزأُ بقدرِي أمْ تريدُ مزاحًا؟
فقلتُ لَه إشراقُ وجهِك غرَّني
حتى توهمتُ المساءَ صباحًا

Picked by Arwa Omar,

In the evening, I said to him:" Good morning",
He then replied: "Are you depreciating me or joking?"
I said to him: "The sunshine of your face misled me,
So I fancied that the evening was the morning."

Any comments on my translation?


Eman.Zahid said...

wow nice i really liked it :)
and good translation
what do u think of my translation

i said to him:"good morning" in the evening,
he responded:"are you making fun of me or joking?"
i said to him:"the sunshine of your face deluded me, so i thought it was the morning

Darene said...

Goood emmu

Happy Eid :D