Monday, December 3, 2007

! أعد عيني لكي أبكي على أرواح أطفالك

..أَعِـدْ قَـدَمـي
لِكَـيْ أمشـيَ إلَيـكَ مُعَـزّياً فينـا
..فَحالـي صارَ مِن حالِكْ

.. أعِـدْ كَفّـي
لكـي أُلقـي أزاهيـري
..علـى أزهـارِ آمالِكْ

..أعِـدْ قَلبـي
لأقطِـفَ وَردَ جَـذوَتِهِ
!وَأُوقِـدَ شَمعَـةً فـي صُبحِـكَ الحالِكْ

..أَعِـدْ شَـفَتي
لَعَـلَّ الهَـولَ يُسـعِفُني
..بأن أُعطيكَ تصـويراً لأهـوالِكْ

..أَعِـدْ عَيْـني
..لِكَـي ابكـي على أرواحِ أطفـالِكْ
! أتَعْجَـبُ أنّنـي أبكـي؟
نَعَـمْ .. أبكـي
لأنّـي لَم أكُـن يَـومـاً
!غَليـظَ القلبِ فَـظّاً مِثـلَ أمثـالِكْ

By ِAhmad Matar

Give me my feet back,
So that I would walk to you,
And console you in what you've done to us!
Because I've become no better than you..

Give me my hands back,
So that I would throw my flowers,
On the flowers of your hopes..

Give me my heart back,
So that I would pluck its roots out,
And light a candle in your gloomy morning..

Give me my lips back,
Perhaps the horror might help me,
To give you an idea about your atrocities..

Give me my eyes back,
So that I would cry over the spirits of your children,
Are you surprised that I cry?
Indeed, I do..
Because I've never been
as Stonyhearted and savage as you..

I like many of matar's poems, I hope that you like my translation :)


Eman.Zahid said...

wooow maaarra nice :)
ur translation is good mashallah
here is mine

give me back my feet
so, i can walk to you
console you in us
i have became as worse as you

give me back my hands
so, i can drop my flowers
in your hope flowers

give me back my heart
so, i can pick up its roots
and send a candle to your miserable morning

give me back my lips
perhaps the grossness may help me
to give you a description of your terribleness

give me back my eyes
so, i can cry over your children's spirits
are u surprised that i am crying?
yes, i am
because, i never ever had a rude heart as yours

Darene said...

well done, Eman
yours is good, too.

Good luck on our exam tomorrow :)

abohamaed said...

اولا اهنيكم على مقالاتك
ارجو ان تلقى نظره فيها

Darene said...

Thank you, bro.

I will insha2 Allah :)