Thursday, November 15, 2007

A song I wrote

It was time to say goodbye,
But I didn't know what to say
You whispered..please don't cry,
You'll be in my heart to stay
I was just wondering why,
Why did you have to walk away?

What about all the dreams,
Were they built on lies?
What is all that pain,
That I can see through your eyes?

As time passed by
You broke the silence with a sigh,
Then you went away..

Now there's no more you and I,
it's just me.. alone standing here
Trying not to shed a tear,
Waiting for you
cuz it's all I can do,
Dreaming of the day that you'll be near..

Oh, how tough life can be !
Some people come, others flee
Just wait and see,
how many broken hearts
But no matter how many miles in between,
We will never be apart
Cuz deep in my heart
is where you'll be..


Dina said...

Hi Darene, I was passing by Dr. Inaam's blog when I saw your contribution. Your song - great words!

Wishing you all the best!!!

Darene said...

Thank you Ms. Dina. I'm glad to read your comment :)
God bless you.

Dalal said...

Hi Darene, it is such great chance to have a look at your won words..

I like it very much..

and I insested to translate it into Arabic immediately.
I won the challenge and I did it in about 15 minutes.

here is my Translation ..

حان وقت الوداع
و لم اعرف ماذا سأقول حينها
بينما كنت تطلب مني إيقاف ذرف الدموع
تقنعني بقولك ستظلين بقلبي للأبد
كنت فقط أتسأل حينها
لما سترحل بعيداً
وماذا عن تلك الأحلام
هل كانت مبينه على "جرف هار" ... و أكذوبةً..؟
وما سر ما أراهُ هنا
في عينيك من بحر الألم ..؟

يمر الوقت، يسود الصمت
تبدد صمت المكان
تنهيدة من أعماقكَ
رحيلك من بعدها

وأما الآن
لم يعد هنا لا أنت ولا أنا
بقيت واقفةً وحدي..هنا
أحبس دمعي في مقلتيٌ
و أنتظر وقت العودةِ
لان ما تبقى لي سوى
حلم بيوم يعود بكَ
لتكن كما كنت قريباً هنا

آه ، ما أقسى الحياة بنا
بعضهم يأتون و آخرون يخططون بتركنا
فقط انتظر وانظر إلى
تلك القلوب التي
كسرت وكم كمِها ..!

لكن لن أكترث لـ طول أميال المسافة بيننا
لأننا كيان لا ينفصل
ولان في أعماق قلبي عمرتك موطن أبدي و منذ الأزل


I wish you like it, it was my first try in translating this kind of texts.


Inaam Perriman said...

Dear Darine,
I loved your song. You and Dalal made me feel so proud. Please ask Dalal how to post in Arabic so we can enjoy your translation as well.

Darene said...

Thank you Dr, Inaam, I'm happy you read my song :)

Dalal, wow, I loved it!
good job my friend :)
and please tell me, is there a certain way of typing in arabic? I'm excited, I want to post my translation of your poem :)

Dalal said...

Hi Darene,

There is no certain way to type in arabic . what you have to do is changing the language into arabic. Try to type again and send it even if the script turns into the strange symbols :D , we may make encoding for the page and hopefully it will work.

I am waiting sweetie!!

Dalal said...

هنا مقطوعه من قلمي بناء على رغبة دارين ببعض النصوص العربيه لترجمتها للإنجليزيه.. أتمنى أن تنال شهية ترجمه الجميع :D

دعونا نرا مواهب مدفونه، و لنبدأ الترجمه ونحن نقول"مبدعون ..وقادرون"

أشكرك دكتوره إنعام من الأعماق.

هنا النص

Darene said...

Dear dalal,
It was really lovely, and I have enjoyed translateing it.
Check it please, and I want a feedback.

We really thank you Dr. Inaam for allowing us to go throught such a great and new experience.

Anonymous said...

agin you are amazing
actully I am proud that ther is one like u in my university (in the same plave where I study)
thank u to make me fly with your pomes

Darene said...

you made me simle :)
I'm flying too for someone I don't know is proud of me :)

Thank you (F)

ziad said...

its step must fallow steps

Darene said...


I didn't get what you mean, brother :s

thanks anyway..