Friday, June 19, 2009

The Saudi Association of Languages and Translation

Hello dear readers! It's been ages since my last post! Miss you all.
First, I'd like to thank all the poeple who missed my new posts. I'm flattered, :$.

Second, I'd like to introduce to you the forums of the Saudi Association of Languages and Translation. It is academic, you'll find information about translation, linguistics and literature. You can contribute with your knowledge or you can ask and get benefit.

I'd love to see you there, and plz if you register, write my name( Darene) where it asks about whom you get the invitation form , so that I know.

All nationalities are welcomed.

Enjoy . .


Unknown said...

I just discovered this fantastic blog.
I am a conference interpreter from Brussels learning Arabic and this blog is perfect for me.
Many thanks for creating it.

Anonymous said...

مرحبا دارين ,ادري مو مكانو بس مرره مضطره ,انا مها و حابه اكلمك عن حاجه ضروريه لو سمحتي اي طريقه اتواصل معاك فيها حتى لو عضويتك الي بالاقلاع =( لو حبيتي تحذفي التعليق بس بليز كلميني

Anonymous said...

Maha Myself
اعمليلي اد فـ الفيس بوك ,انتظرك .

Unknown said...

اهلا مها ،،، لا أعرف أي مها أنتِ ولا توجد لد عضوية في الاقلاع لكن يمكنك التواص معي على ايميلي هذا