Thursday, November 22, 2007

..قلْ لهُم

..عندَما يَخذلونَ إحساسَك الجميل
ويكسرونَ أحلامَك بقسوةٍ
ويرحلونَ عنَك كالأيامِ
وينبتُ في قلبِك جرحٌ بإتساعِ الفراغِ خلفَهم
ثمَّ تأتي بهِم الأيامُ إليك من جديدٍ
فكيفَ تستقبلُ عودتِهم؟
وماذا تقول لهم؟

قُلْ لهم
إنَّك أغلقتَ كلَ محطاتِ الانتظارِ خلفَهم
فلمْ تعدْ ترتدي رداءَ الشوقِ
وتقفْ فوقَ محطاتِ عودتِهم
ترتقبُ القادمينَ
وتدققُ في وجوهِ المسافرينَ
وتبحثُ في الزحامِ عن ظلالِهم
..علَّ صدفةٌ جميلةٌ تأتي بهم إليك

قُلْ لهُم
إنَّك نزفتَهم في لحظاتِ ألمِك وكدمِك
وأَّنك اجهضتَهم في لحظاتِ غيابِهم
كجنينٍ ميتٍ بداخِلك
وأنَّك أطلقتَ سراحَهم منْك
وأغلقتَ أبوابَك دونَهم
وعاهدتَ نفسَك
ألاَّ تفتحَ أبوابَك إلاّ
..لأولئكَ الذين يستحقون

Picked by Nuha,

When they let your lovely feelings down,
Break your dreams with a frown,
And they depart as the days,
As a lifetime..
A wound grows in your heart,
As wide as the void they leave behind,
Then, the days bring them back to you,
How would you welcome them?
What would you say to them?

Tell them,
That you've closed all the wait stations behind them,
You no longer wear that garment of eagerness,
And wait at the station for their arrival,
Observing the people coming,
Staring at the travellers faces,
Looking in the crowd for their shadows,
and traces,
Perhaps a sweet coincidence brings them back to you..

Tell them,
You've bled them in the moments of your distress,
of your grief,
You've aborted them in the moments of their absence,
Like a dead fetus,
And that you've set them free from you,
Like birds,
You've closed your doors upon their departure,
And promised yourself not to open them again,
Except for those who deserve...

Lovely poem, I enjoyed translating it :)


Gloomy said...

nice poem :D i love it <3 and masha2 allah very nicely tranlated :D

Why didnt u tell me u've got a blog ;)

welcome to the blog world.


Gloomy said...

opsy forgot the s in translated :S

Darene said...

Oh la la
my der alaa

we've just begun, it's for the literary translation course, but yeah I didn't realize the pleasure of having a blog :)

I'm happy to see you here
brb, I'm gonna visit your blog :D

Anonymous said...

uh uh
and i have certainly enjoyed reading it

see,, poetry is my weak point :)

thanks for this splendid translation,,


Darene said...

I'm glad you liked it :)

stay around :)